The e-bike subscription

Start trial month - 50% discount

The e-bike subscription

Start trial month - 50% discount

Super easy

Delivered at home

We know you’re busy so we’ll deliver your e-bike to your home at the time that suits you best.

Lifetime warranty

Our bikes are build to last! In the unlikely event of malfunction, we will swap your e-bike immediately.

End subscription?

You can terminate your subscription at any moment. No hassel, no long commitment.

Why get an e-bike to go?

Why get an
e-bike to go?


Cool Design

Within the production process quality and endurance are key. This is reflected in high-quality components such as belt drive and integrated lighting.

Easy to use

Simply turn the e-bike on with the push of a button on the battery and you’re good to go. The seven gears make it equally well-suited to trips inside and outside the city.

Go further

The XXL battery gives you a range of more than 70 km, making most trips convenient with your e-bike.

It's time to think green

Ride on with your own e-bike for a better world.


Order your e-bike easily and quickly via the registration page. Once we’ve received your data your e-bike will be delivered within 48 hours.

You are not committed to anything and can end your subscription at any time with one month’s notice.

The e-bike comes with a charge cable. You can plug the cable directly into the right side of the battery.

It takes around three hours to fully charge the battery.

The distance you can cover on a full battery depends on various factors like outside temperature, weight of the rider, tire pressure and driving style. For example, if you have an average body type, it’s not too cold outside and your tires have enough pressure, you can expect a radius of at least 70 kilometers. 

Report the damage and we’ll immediately have a technician exchange your e-bike. You’ll always have a functioning e-bike at your disposal.

Email us immediately at info@ebiketogo.nl. We need the following information to submit the theft report: bicycle number, location, date and a brief description of the incident. We charge a deductible of €500 to replace an e-bike lost due to theft. You will immediately receive a new E-bike to go.

Yes you can! Let us know if you’re interested in this option. For €119,99 you will receive a child seat with your e-bike. 

Email your question to info@ebiketogo.nl and we’ll contact you as soon as possible. You can also call +31 20 435 75 53 during office hours.