Cruise through
on an e-bike

The ultimate lifehack for anyone who wants to get the most out of life in Eindhoven


An e-bike
in Eindhoven

The ultimate lifehack for anyone who wants to get the most out of life in the city. Our electric bike brings you everywhere. With an e-bike, you can move around faster than you might think. As a side benefit, it makes you fitter, and your transportation is more environmentally friendly. 

Your way around Eindhoven

E-bikes for your
job in Eindhoven

Endless traffic jams, late to the office, missed meetings, full parking lots… Dense traffic causes many problems in a city like Eindhoven. What could be better than to avoid this and ride your e-bike to work? Imagine biking through Eindhoven from one meeting to another. If the e-bike is used for your work, for example for a delivery, we’ve got you covered. Our Delivery subscription is designed for professional riders like you. We make sure you’re always ready to go.

Elektrische bicycle
in Eindhoven

E-bike to go offers you all these advantages in one flexible subscription. Everything to make sure you are able to explore Eindhoven by e-bike, free of worries. We deliver you a perfect e-bike in no time. Problem? No problem! We will help you where and when you need it. In the meantime, you can move freely around the beautiful city of Eindhoven. With a range of seventy kilometers, you’re able to see all the highlights of Eindhoven. 

Your electric bike
in Eindhoven

Want your own e-bike? We understand. However, buying an e-bike in Eindhoven represents a significant investment. E-bike to go offers an e-bike for less than eighty euros a month. Not only do we deliver an e-bike to your doorstep within 48 hours, we also fix or replace the bike if something goes wrong. And you’re insured against theft.

Extra in Eindhoven:
a pick-up point

Eindhoven is one of the cities where we offer an extra service: a weekly pick-up point to get you on the road faster than in the rest of the country. You can avoid waiting for a delivery and collect your e-bike from the pick-up point! This is an extra convenience offered in Eindhoven.

get started

Don’t feel like waiting for the bike to be delivered at home? Come and pick-up your bike at pick-up point Eindhoven.
Every Wednesday afternoon we are stationed at a central location in Eindhoven.
Zo werkt het

Het is heel simpel:

  • Nadat je een abonnement bij ons af hebt gesloten, geef je aan dat jij je e-bike zelf komt halen bij een van de Pick-up Points;
  • Je kiest als locatie Eindhoven;
  • Bij het Pick-up Point zorgen we vervolgens dat jouw e-bike startklaar staat en dat je meteen kan opstappen;
  • Het abonnement is maandelijks opzegbaar.

Dat brengt mooie voordelen met zich mee:

  • Niet thuisblijven voor de bezorging;
  • Geen gedoe met levertijden;
  • Met een goede planning sneller in je bezit.
  • Ongemak aan de fiets? Kom gerust langs.

Lees hier waar en wanneer je jouw e-bike kunt ophalen in Eindhoven

Wil jij ook sneller, fitter, relaxter én milieuvriendelijker op pad? En wil je bovendien niet te lang meer wachten? Sluit hier jouw abonnement af en dan zien we je graag bij ons Pick-up Point in Eindhoven. Tot dan!