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A renewed offer:
€109 per month - €21.50 per week

What is important for you in an e-bike subscription? We asked our customers, got valuable feedback and adapted our offer accordingly. The result: a new, improved subscription, where of course, nothing has changed to the parts that are valued by our customers. 

What’s changed
We have switched to a weekly subscription (instead of an all-in monthly subscription).

Option 1: A basic subscription of €21.50 per week *
This includes:

  •     A solid city e-bike
  •     Basic damage coverage
  •     Exchange service
  •     Maintenance

Option 2: An all-in subscription of €26 per week*
This includes:

  •     A solid city e-bike
  •     100% damage coverage
  •     Exchange service
  •     Maintenance

We do recommend the second option, but the choice is yours.

If you become a member now, you’ll pay a weekly rate, which is very practical cause a monthly rate of €109 won’t be deducted from your account in one go. Which is ideal for delivery riders, Uber and Deliveroo pay weekly, handy if your debits are synchronized. Easy riding after this! 

What remains the same
We received a lot of positive feedback on the subscription and our service – which we are super proud of! So, no changes in that department. For instance, our free exchange service: every customer of e-bike to go is entitled to a perfectly functioning e-bike. Has your e-bike a defect? We will exchange it for a new, well-functioning e-bike.

The solid e-bike
There are no modifications to the design of our e-bike, the powerful XXL battery – with a range of 70 km – is standard on every e-bike to go. As well as the superfast charger is standard with every subscription, it charges the XXL battery 100% within four hours! Lastly, the subscription remains as flexible as ever, meaning that you can cancel your subscription at any time, you will receive one final invoice.

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