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Pantar offers work and guidance support to more than 3,000 people with barriers to employment in Amsterdam and Diemen. The organisation is the largest learning and development company in Amsterdam and operates according to the philosophy that everyone has value and can work.

E-bike to go is one of the brands that cooperated with Pantar. To discover more about this partnership we spoke with department head Sven Keltering about the company’s social work, e-bike to go and their respective succes stories.   

What exactly do you do at Pantar?
“We offer work and guidance to more than 3000 people with difficulties entering the labour market in the Amsterdam region. We help them learn new skills in work and social matters via meaningful and suitable activities. We believe that productive work contributes to a dignified existence.”

We help people develop themselves through their work

“In our production halls and carpentry, bicycle and sewing workshops, we work on products for external clients such as e-bike to go. We pay a lot of attention to the development of our employees. For us, work is a means to help people develop and be happier members of society. Someone with no experience with cycling who has technical skills can be trained as a bicycle mechanic.”

“Some of the people we work with face complex problems and have been going back and forth between various organisations for some time. We do our best to help them, and even if it doesn’t always work, have the freedom to keep trying.”

What does your partnership with e-bike to go look like? 
“It is important to us that the work people do at Pantar is as close as possible to normal work. This also applies to the production we do for e-bike to go. The fitting out is carried out by experienced bicycle makers who guide students. Once a student has seen the assembly process several times, they can do it themselves under the supervision of a bicycle repairman. Finally, a third party checks the final production to ensure every bike is perfectly assembled.” 

There are people with a wide range of talents in the e-bike to go department

“Even people without special technical aptitude can work in the e-bike to go workshop. For example, there is a lot of unpacking or small-scale assembly work to be done, such as the e-bike to go rack. This work requires a certain level of precision.”

What is your biggest success story?
“We are a normal company with unusual employees. Every time we succeed in helping someone make progress through our personal guidance is a success story for us. It’s a common misconception that we only help people with serious difficulties. We are here for all kinds of people, from carpenters who are temporarily unable to find work due to an accident to people who can’t leave home because of circumstances beyond their control. We work with a very diverse group of people. Our core task is simply to guide individuals towards suitable, dignified employment.”

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