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Sustainable transport
accessible to everyone


Do you want to contribute to a sustainable future? With this mode of transportation you’ll make a substantial difference – easily. That’s why we have a clear mission here at e-bike to go: to make sustainable transportation accessible for everyone. We’ll explain in this blog how we do this.

  1. Regular maintenance

How often does your bike receive a maintenance check-up? It’s likely that bike maintenance is not something that’s high on your to-do list. That’s too bad, because a periodical check ensures the longevity of the electric bike. Our mechanics check the e-bike often: from tire pressure and software updates to loose screws and brakes.

  1. Recycling of components

Our mechanics are one of a kind. When a component of the bike can’t be repaired or when it’s worn out, it’ll be recycled. For example, old batteries will go to Stibat: the expert in the maintenance, refurbishing and recycling of batteries.

  1. Always in use

The clever creators of e-bike to go knew it from the get-go: the e-bike subscription should be flexible. Don’t need your e-bike anymore? No problem. As the subscription is monthly cancellable, the e-bike is always in motion. Onto the next user! 

  1. Less CO2 emissions

The e-bike is a sustainable alternative: it benefits the environment as well as your wallet. So, what if you exchange your car for an e-bike? With a daily ride of 20 kilometers, you’ll save approximately 1.800 kg CO2 each year (bron: Milieu Centraal). This is similar to the yearly extraction of C02 by approximately 82 trees.

Wondering what you could save? Do the test now on our sustainability web page. For only €19,50* (*special offer) a week you can ride our e-bike and contribute to a sustainable future.

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