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Amsterdam Noord
take a dive into the


noord route

Escape from the crowded inner city and go on an adventure that takes you and your e-bike on a scenic route to the north. In a 28 kilometer tour, you will be treated to classical Dutch dykes, picturesque villages, the fascinating Waterland and a monument of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Last but not least: a crossing with the ferry is implemented in the route of just two hours. What an adventure!


The starting point of this route is in Amsterdam Noord, across Central Station. So, you can immediately take the ferry when you arrive from the city centre. After leaving the northern neighborhoods, you will pass by a couple of fortresses of the Stelling van Amsterdam, a monument that’s on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1966.


Through Durgerdam and Ransdorp, with their impressive dykes, you reach the ferry of Holysloot for another crossing. Your adventure continues through the reclaimed land until you reach the urban parts of Amsterdam Noord – absolutely relaxed and full of uniquely Dutch impressions.

The entire route (including elaborate descriptions per stop) can be found here, on the website of I Amsterdam. Moreover, on the website, you can find a lot of other routes that let you experience the city on our high-velocity e-bikes!


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