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Discover the Sustainable
amsterdam's inner city



If you think renting an e-bike is a sustainable gesture, this durable bike route completes that journey. This 14 kilometer course takes you along all the fancy hotspots of Amsterdam that take sustainability serious: from organic food to fairtrade fashion and durable toys. Bonus: in approximately 2,5 hours you’ll see a big piece of the cozy inner city!

Whether you come for the amazing food, cozy hipster stores of remarkable initiatives: sustainability is, especially in Amsterdam, much more than just hand-woven socks or kitchen gardens. In Amsterdam, you will be blown away by the adorable (thrift) stores such as 50|50, WAAR and Nukuhiva, all durbale in their own unique way. However, the route also touches upon neat initiatives such as lambe, where people with a learning disability craft the most delicious bread.

Or go out to dinner at Ctaster, where you eat, similar to visually impaired waiters, in the pitch black darkness. Durable in all its assets, and, as all the hotspots are situated in the centre of the city, you will certainly experience some of the distinct Amsterdam views.

The entire route (including elaborate descriptions per stop) can be found here, on the website of I Amsterdam. Moreover, on the website, you can find a lot of other routes that let you experience the city on our high-velocity e-bikes!


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