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Along the water
and over Bridges
Oost and IJburg


and IJburg

What comes to mind when you mention Amsterdam? Of course: water. Although our canals are often the first thing that comes to mind, our capital is so much more than just canals. This is especially apparent in the east of Amsterdam: the route takes you along the eastern islands and demonstrates the vast vistas of the IJ. This route takes around two hours in total – unless you want to enjoy the view for a bit longer of course! 

The route starts with a traditional notion: the Gooijer mill in the east of Amsterdam. While biking through this cozy part of the city, you approach the water and cross a bridge – the first of many, which is of course unsuprisingly normal with this many islands!

Because this route is so diverse, you will experience the green Diemerpark, the fortress of Diemerdam and the modern water villa’s of IJburg, all within the blink of an eye. Later, after a couple of bridges, the inner city of Amsterdam rises on the horizon as the route ends at the mill where you started.

The entire route (including elaborate descriptions per stop) can be found here, on the website of I Amsterdam. Moreover, on the website, you can find a lot of other routes that let you experience the city on one of our high-velocity e-bikes, so enjoy!


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