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Follow De Amstel
To Ouderkerk



When your nation’s capital is named after a river, its fair to state that this has to be a special one. Naturally, this e-bike route is entirely dedicated to the Amstel, which follows the iconic waters of the city centre all the way to the next village. In the 27 kilometer, approximately two hour long route, you’re treated to uniquely Dutch vistas from the seat of you e-bike – that is, of course, without enjoying a break on the numerous picknicp spots alongside the water.

This e-bike adventure starts in the city centre: to be precisely the Stadhouderskade. As you approach the Amsteldijk you continue and drive towards the Amstelpark. There might even be time left for a walk or a game of mini golf!

If not, you continue to follow the water through the polder of the Amstelland. Here, you’ll find all the expensive villas of Amsterdam, as you reach the idyllic Oudekerk aan de Amstel. Via the other side of the Amstel you’ll return to the vibrant city centre of Amsterdam.

The entire route (including elaborate descriptions per stop) can be found here, on the website of I Amsterdam. Moreover, on the website, you can find a lot of other routes that let you experience the city on our high-velocity e-bikes, so enjoy!


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